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The Euro



The Euro coins

The Euro coins - Common side

The front side of the coins in all 16 Euro countries shows one of three different maps of Europe, surrounded by the 12 stars of the European Union.

The back side of the coins show different motives in each country, as well surrounded by the 12 stars. 53 different motives decorate the back sides of the new Euro and Cent coins.

The European competition of the modelling of the Euro coins won Luc Luycx of the Royal Belgian Currency. Therefore we have the logo LL on each coin front.

Click on the flags, representing the Euro counties, to look at the back sides of the coins.

1 Cent 2 Cent 5 Cent
10 Cent 20 Cent 50 Cent
10 Cent 20 Cent 50 Cent
1 Euro  1 Euro 2 Euro  2 Euro

Click on the country flag to
view the specific side of coins.


The Countries Belgium, Germany, Irland, Spain, Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, San Marino and Vatican introduced the Euro just at the beginning.
Slovenia joined the Euro in 2007, Cyprus, Malta in 2008, Slovakia in 2009, Estland in 2011, Latvia in 2014, Lithuania and Andorra in 2015, and Croatia im Jahre 2023.
Even though the countries of Monaco, San Marino, Andorra and the Vatikan do not belong to the European Union, they use the Euro because they had monetary communities with France, Spain and/or Italy already before before the introduction of the Euro.

Not yet in the Euro Zone are


Bulgaria, Chequia, Denmark, United Kingdom, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Sweden.

The Countries Montenegro and Kosovo use the Euro as official currency without own motives.


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