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The Euro
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The Euro coins from Finland

1 Cent 2 Cent 5 Cent
10 Cent 20 Cent 50 Cent

Motive: Lion

The the coat of arms animal, the lion, reproduction of a work of the escultor Heikki Häiväoja. For a long time it is used as a motive on Finnish Coins. The King of the animals holds a 'European' sword in his right claw.

Suomen vaakunaleijona on kansallisella puolella 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 ja 50 sentin kolikoissa.

1 Euro 2 Euro

Motive 1 €: Flying singing swans (Cygnus cygnus)

The singing swans populate more than 5500 Finnish lakes in the summer. These birds, with up to 1,55m length and 2,15m span, belong to the largest duck birds. An artwork of Pertti Maekinen.

Suomen 1 euron kolikossa kaksi lentävää joutsenta.

Motive 2 €: Moltberry (Rubus fruticosus)

As a relict from the ice age the moltberry is common in Finland. The moltberry or peat bromine berry grows on light forest places and edges of forests. Designed by Raimo Heino.

Suomen 2 euron kolikossa on lakan marjoja ja kukkia.

Embossing place

The Finish coins are manufactured in the embossing place in Helsinki-Vantaa.


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