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Child supply

The acute, extraordinarily heavy economic crisis, from that Argentina suffers since some time, the country brought into the intolerable situation, that more than 50% of the population have to live with an income below the poverty level and in particular the children at the border of the society not even get a warm meal per day. Deeply concerned of the social consequences of this crisis we planned, to appeal to the sympathy and the helpfulness of humans, in order not to leave alone the children in their undeserved emergency situation.

Our group consists of (mainly) Argentine residents in Germany with intention to help the people in Argentina with few or no resources at least a little bit.
The idea is to concentrate the energies in specific groups of people so that the aid is effective.

In "Las Tablitas", a district on the border of the city of Viedma, in Patagonia (in the south of Argentine) we decided to install a dining room for 350 young children en need.

In this phase of the project our personal and concrete assistance shall accompany the people in their development and to make it possible, that the children, who live there, get at least one warm meal per day.

It would make us very happy, to inform you in future about the progress of this action. We hope, that a lot of people will declare to help us, so that in the long run the project will be a success of all of us.

We'd like to get you in contact with the children supported by you.

Contact Address:
. For questions, please contact

Solid-ar e.V.
Eifelwall 5

50674 Köln

Tax number (DE):

Liliana de Miguel
Guillermo Malfitani


Donation account:
Please ask for the new acc. no.
Donation receipts are issued on request.

Wir sind für jegliche Unterstützung sowohl finanzieller als auch ideeller Art dankbar. Bereits das Verbreiten der Information wäre für uns eine große Hilfe.

Lassen sie uns wissen, falls Sie sich auch aktiv an dem Projekt beteiligen möchten.

Gemeinsam wird es einfacher sein, die schlechte Lage der armen Kinder ein bisschen erträglicher zu gestalten.

Der Verein "solid-ar e.V." ist seit dem 13.12.2004 als gemeinnützige Körperschaft steuerlich anerkannt.

Für Anregungen jeder Art bitten wir Sie, Kontakt aufzunehmen mit:

Mr. Guillermo Malfitani: Tel.: +49 (0)179 / 670 08 72
Mrs. Liliana de Miguel: Tel.: +49 (0)228 / 65 12 68

or use the form of the group 'solid-ar':

Yours sincerely
Liliana de Miguel

La radio de la Fundación Alternativa Popular en Viedma, que nos ayuda con el proyecto: www.radioencuentro.org.ar

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